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Flexible, full-stack developer with a focus on C# and Javascript based in Halifax, NS.

Since 2008 I've been part of the Garvin-Allen team where I build front-end modules for our core insurance product, maintain our build/CI infrastructure, and work to improve our software delivery process.


  • C#
  • Javascript
  • SQL (Interbase)


  • Python
  • Node.js
  • MongoDb
  • Redis

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OSX

Garvin-Allen Solutions 2008 — Present

Software Developer

Garvin-Allen builds insurance policy and claim management software for companies in the Property & Casualty sector.


Core product redesign
  • Member of pilot team to rebuild parts of legacy Delphi product as a modern C# web application, targeting the same database through a translation layer
  • Used MongoDb as a temporary document store, allowing edits without modifying legacy system data until the user confirms the change
  • Designed reporting service to sync logs from client-hosted sites to Garvin-Allen's servers, giving the Customer Service team advance notice of client needs
Front-end development
  • Led front-end development of the core product redesign
  • Introduced developer-friendly libraries like Bootstrap and jQuery DataTables
  • Wrote libraries to improve dev team productivity at common UI tasks like find-as-you type searching
Builds and deployment
  • Developed a build system for the legacy Delphi product, using "stackable" XML files for easy customization, freeing a developer from full-time manual release preparation
  • Introduced Atlassian Bamboo CI system for Garvin-Allen's new web product, accelerating the software QA cycle

Protocase Inc 2008

CAM Programmer (Work Term)

Protocase manufactures custom laser-cut steel enclosures with an emphasis on rapid turnaround.


  • Built automation software in Python for a laser steel cutting process, reducing design processing time and generating savings of $40,000+/year
  • Generated machine tool paths from 2D CAD drawings, adding lead-in cuts and optimizing laser head path to avoid crossing previously cut features

Petroleum Applications of Wireless Systems (PAWS) 2007

Research Assistant (Work Term)

The PAWS project investigated the performance of wireless sensor mesh networks in radio-hostile industrial environments.


  • Built interface with PHP and LabView allowing remote researchers to configure, run tests and analyze results from a testbed for wireless sensors

Dalhousie University 2005 — 2009

Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Native speaker
Working knowledge